What to Expect During a Therapy Session

If this is your first therapy session, then you may be a little apprehensive.  Do not worry, you are not alone.  The initial appointment will cover everything you need to know about your therapy.  It is also a good time for your practitioner to discuss things about yourself and the reason or reasons why you have decided to seek our services.

You may be asked to complete some questionnaires before attending an appointment that will be used to form the basis of a discussion or you may complete some forms during your first session to help us consider your therapy options.

This session is important for many reasons. It begins to establish a relationship between you and your practitioner that will allow you to feel more comfortable and at ease during your therapy. It also helps your practitioner determine what aspects or factors that might be contributing to the problems that you are experiencing. It also provides you with an opportunity to see whether you can work with the practitioner.

You may have concerns or are too embarrassed to tell others about, but it is important to be open and honest with your responses to the questionnaires that you are asked to complete or in discussions with your practitioner.  The more information you provide, the easier it will be to help you.

Once the discussion is complete, your next appointment date and time will be agreed with you. If there is time after completing the formalities in the initial session, then you may begin to receive a taster of your treatment.

Your therapy session will involve talking about you, receiving therapies, providing feedback and you will be encouraged in some therapies to define realistic goals, explore options and make responsible decisions.  A trusting relationship is critical to successful therapy. If you feel uncomfortable or have concerns about anything that you are doing, then please discuss these issues with your practitioner, as this will make your therapy experience more productive and worthwhile.

It is important to offer therapies that are aimed towards helping you with your concerns. Typically, therapy sessions are scheduled at regular intervals.  Each session will last up to one hour.  For some treatments sessions will be slightly shorter or longer.

We want you to take responsibility for the success of your treatment, so many of our treatments involve asking you to complete tasks outside of the therapy session.  It is necessary to try to do some of the things you are working on in treatment outside of the therapy sessions in order to achieve the progress you are looking for.

It also goes without saying that regular attendance at your scheduled sessions is also advised for achieving the best outcome.

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