Terms and Conditions

In making a booking with Moonstone Therapy, you agree to the terms and conditions below.

Introductory Discount Card

To avail the introductory discount using your discount card, you must be a new client to Moonstone Therapy, become fully registered and request the discount for your first full hourly session.  The discount cannot be applied retrospectively, so please mention at time of booking and then present your discount card at the time of the agreed appointment for the discount to apply.  Copies of the discount card are not valid.  Discount cards cannot be exchanged for cash or be used in connection with any other offer.  The discount offer can only be used once per person.

Making a Booking

Enquiries about all bookings are best made via the contact us form provided.  Once you are ready to make a booking, you will be required to pay for your treatment upfront via PayPal. You will receive confirmation of your scheduled appointment to your registered email address depending on your treatment plan. A fee equivalent to the applicable hourly rate is non-refundable for missed appointments or appointments cancelled less than 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.  Once you attend your session(s), any payment made will reduce the overall cost of your treatment plan.

Changing a Booking

You agree to provide AS MUCH NOTICE AS POSSIBLE and no less than 48 hours prior notice so that someone else who may be waiting for a cancellation can arrange a booking. Acknowledged phone calls, text messages or email messages are acceptable and preferred forms of cancellation.

Charges for Missed Appointments

Once a booking has been agreed, you understand that you will be charged the full fee for the hourly session if you miss your appointment without at least 48 hours notice. Notice must be given PRIOR TO your appointment time. If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment without notice, you are not guaranteed that session and you will be charged for the full session at the prevailing rate. If your session does go ahead after you arrive late it will end at the scheduled time without any reduction in fee.

Home Visits

Moonstone Therapy does provide home visits with prior arrangement; however, you must ensure no distractions or interruptions (except that a chaperone or parent/guardian is permitted) during the agreed session time.  The practitioner reserves the right not to carry out the session, and you may still be charged the full fee for the session. You understand that home visits or appointments are made by your practitioner at the agreed date and time and that your practitioner may be delayed due to travel or other arrangements.


Your practitioner is committed to maintaining strict confidentiality concerning you and your therapy. Your practitioner cannot and will not tell anyone else what you have disclosed, or even that you are in therapy, without your prior written permission. Your practitioner may not even acknowledge you if you are seen outside of the therapy session, unless you first acknowledge the practitioner. As the client, you will control whether or not and to whom confidential information will be disclosed, unless legal exceptions apply. If your practitioner is permitted to share information, your practitioner will always act so as to protect your privacy. You may also revoke your permission for your practitioner to share information at any time. You may request anyone you wish to attend a therapy session with you.  There are legal exceptions to confidentiality, and these will be explained to you during your initial consultation. Your practioner may use anonymised data to help with professional development and may provide such information to a supervisor to meet the requirements of a professional body or enhance aspects of your treatment.


You will be advised by your practitioner of the scope of the therapy that is being provided and you will be asked to give your full consent to receiving therapy sessions from the practitioner. You understand that results vary from person to person, and the agreement with the practitioner to work on the issues or problems you present, using whatever model or models are appropriate to your situation, in no way implies or guarantees a ‘cure’ of any of the said issues or problems.

Payments and Refunds

All payments must be made and received in advance.  You will need to pay for your first session or your entire treatment plan (as appropriate) via PayPal using the links on the website, but you can pay for future sessions via cash, Paypal or bank transfer unless agreed otherwise.  Cheques will only be accepted if the funds will be cleared prior to your appointment.

Investment in your therapy and the estimated number of sessions will be discussed at your initial consultation unless you have booked a full therapy programme.  Payment will be required upfront as it helps secure your commitment to the treatment. However, we do understand that in some cases this may not be financially viable and a more suitable payment plan for you can be arranged.

Prices are usually quoted per treatment package or per session. For example, if your treatment plan covers up to six sessions but the work is completed in four, then the investment is the same. No refunds will be issued if you decide to terminate once therapy has already commenced. We do understand that life can get in the way; therefore, your practitioner will hold your therapy open for a maximum of 12 months from commencement; however, spreading treatment over this period may not be encouraged as this practice reduces the efficiency of the therapy.

To prevent fraud, refunds will only be provided against cleared funds and normally in the same form as the original payment.  Refunds against cheque payments will only be paid upon cleared funds.  In some instances payments may take up to 30 days to be refunded to you.  PayPal refunds will only be made back to the account that originated the payment.

Efficacy of Treatment

You understand that hypnotherapy, or any other therapy provided by your practitioner, is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric services or the appropriate counselling. You also understand that your practitioner does not treat, prescribe for, or diagnose any condition. You declare that, if advised prior to any session with your practitioner to seek medical approval, that you will be asked to sign a declaration that you have consulted with a registered General Practitioner and/or medical consultant and gained the appropriate medical approval for working with your practitioner.

In the same way as any healthcare provider cannot guarantee that any form of medical treatment given to you will have the desired effect, your practitioner cannot guarantee that you will obtain the desired effects from your complementary treatment.  If appropriate, your practitioner may elect to pass you to another practitioner for further treatment.  If your practitioner believes another form of treatment would be appropriate, this will be discussed with you so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Discounts for Groups

You may be able to negotiate a discount if two or more people book together.  However, your practitioner is committed to giving you individually the best possible service. It is important that you are given every opportunity to succeed; therefore, for some therapy options, it is best to treat specific problems at an individual level.  Your practitioner will discuss this with you.


In order to ensure all therapy is affordable and accessible to everyone, your practitioner can discuss concessions for people on social security benefits or low income, or who are ex-service personnel, students, retired persons, etc.  Please contact us to see how we can help you.  Stage payments can also be considered.  You may receive either a tailored payment plan or be provided with a coupon code to enter during check out.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are provided by your practitioner to you to avail discounts off further sessions or treatments.  You will only be able to apply the code when using the website for payment.  You will be able to enter a valid coupon code after choosing the relevant payment button.  On the summary page, you enter the coupon code and the discount will be calculated prior to you making payment via PayPal.  If you forget to do this, your coupon code cannot be applied retrospectively, so you will be charged the full rate.

Recording of Sessions

Your practitioner may decide to record any treatment session either using video and or audio equipment.  Recordings are used to help with your treatment plan and a copy of the recording may be provided to you or be used to create a file for you to listen to between sessions.  All recorded information will be kept securely and destroyed once treatment has completed.  Any hypnosis tracks provided to you are for your own personal use only.

Trainee Case Studies

As part of the comprehensive training to become a practitioner in new therapies it is often a requirement of the trainee to undertake a number of case studies or achieve a certain amount of client contact hours before becoming fully qualified. Where this is a requirement, you may be able to participate in discounted or free treatments in exchange for using your session(s) as part of the portfolio of evidence. Your confidentiality is maintained at all times. As a trainee, a certain level of proficiency exists before undertaking a session to ensure that it is completed as professionally as possible. Each session aims to achieve the required standards of the therapy provided to you. Your constructive feedback will also be helpful. If you are interested, please contact us.

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